Most Important Pakistan Studies MCQs- Pak MCQs for Test Preparation Updated

“Pak MCQs” refers to Multiple Choice Questions related to Pakistan, covering a diverse range of topics such as history, geography, politics, and culture. These MCQs serve as a valuable tool for testing and assessing knowledge about Pakistan, offering a structured format where respondents choose the correct answer from a set of options. Whether utilized in educational settings, competitive exams, or general knowledge assessments, Pak MCQs contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the country. They play a pivotal role in enhancing critical thinking skills, promoting learning, and evaluating individuals’ awareness of Pakistan’s multifaceted aspects. As a widely adopted assessment tool, Pak MCQs facilitate an engaging and interactive approach to knowledge acquisition.


In Pak MCQs you will get information and top MCQs about Pakistan prime minister, president, speakers, senate chairman, governors, IGs Police, historical places, famous personalities, rivers, lakes, mountains, barrages, forests, populations, census, Pakistan History etc. All these MCQs are suitable for FPSC, SPSC, PPSC, STS, IBA and other tests and exams.

Important Pak MCQs

Here are all important Pak MCQs for various tests. Like SPSC, FPSC, PPSC, STS, IBA etc.

The Pakistan Studies MCQs- Pak MCQs for preparation of this page, we uploaded on 15-April, 2024

The appointment of Chief Justice of Pakistan is made by:
a. Prime Minister
b. President
c. Chief Justice
d. All of these

“Sir Creek” issue between Pakistan and India is related to:
a. Delimitation of a maritime boundary
b. LOC Boundary
c. Kashmir issue
d. Delimitation of pre-partition asset

Who was the last Mughal King of India?
a. Akbar
c. Shah Jahan
d. Badar Shah Zafar

The famous Pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by
a. Quaid E Azam
b. Agha Khan
c. Allma Iqbal
d. Ch. Rehmat Ali

The first annual session of Muslim League was Presided by
a. Quaid E Azam
b. Agha Khan
c. Adamjee Peerbhoy
d. Ch. Rehmat Ali

The first annual session of Muslim League was in 1907 held in
a. Karachi
b. Dehli
c. Lucknow
d. Lahore

Bala Hissar Fort is situated at
a. Karachi
b. Peshawar
c. Lucknow
d. Lahore

K2 was first scaled in
a. 1955
b. 1954
c. 1953
d. 1952

The Khunjerab Pass connects Pakistan with:
a. India
b. Afghanistan
c. China
d. Iran

Indus Basin Water Treaty was signed in
a. 1950
b. 1960
c. 1970
d. 1980

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