Teaching License Test MCQs

Teaching License Test MCQs: On Seealljobs we provide quality materials for various SPSC, FPSC, PPSC, STS etc exam tests. Now this time we are uploading the top MCQs for Teacher License Test which will conduct by STS IBA Sukkar form all the teachers of Sindh and others eligible candidates. All MCQs which we upload here will definitely help you to attempt your exams in more confident way. Read all Teacher Licensing Test MCQs which mentioned below. Before going to MCQs for Teacher Licensing Test just check the syllabus of

Sindh Teaching License Test Syllabus

According to STS the Syllabus of Teaching License Test will be as it mentioned below:


Part – 1 will consists on MCQs of (Content Knowledge) includes English, Science, Social Studies, Urdu, Mathematics and Sindhi from class 1 to 8th.


Part – 2 will consists on MCQs of (Pedagogical Content Knowledge). Pedagogical content knowledge for Teacher Licensing Test will be assessed from the curriculum developed by the Higher Education Commission for different courses offered in the B.Ed Hons (4 years) and B.Ed (2.5 years) degree programs.

Teaching License Test MCQs

Here is all important MCQs for Teacher Licensing Test of Sindh province. Do preparation from following MCQs and we hope after reading this your chances of success will be increased.

What is the primary function of the red blood cells?

a. Carry oxygen

b. Fight infections

c. Clot blood

d. Store nutrients

Answer: a

Which part of the brain is responsible for coordinating muscle movements and maintaining balance?

a. Cerebrum

b. Cerebellum

c. Medulla oblongata

d. Hypothalamus

Answer: b

The largest organ of the human body is:

a. Heart

b. Liver

c. Skin

d. Lungs

Answer: c

The condition where bones become fragile and prone to fractures is known as:

a. Osteoarthritis

b. Osteoporosis

c. Arthritis

d. Rheumatism

Answer: b

What is the official language of the United Nations?

a. English

b. French

c. Spanish

d. All of the above

Answer: d

In which year was the United Nations founded?

a. 1945

b. 1950

c. 1940

d. 1935

Answer: a

The United Nations General Assembly meets annually in which month?

a. September

b. October

c. November

d. December

Answer: a

How many members are there in the United Nations Security Council?

a. 5

b. 10

c. 15

d. 20

Answer: c

Which country is a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

a. Germany

b. India

c. Japan

d. Russia

Answer: d

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