Study In Italy: Fully Funded DSU Scholarship University of Milan 2023 – 2024

DSU Scholarship University of Milan
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Every year hundreds of students enroll and get benefits through DSU Scholarship University of Milan. Now you can start your academic journey at the University of Milan through a fully funded DSU scholarship in Italy. This program is designed to empower bright-minded students and make diversity by a passion for learning and a dedication.

The DSU Scholarship encourages students to take part in community initiatives and pursue academic goals. Also take advantage of the DSU Scholarship to realize your potential and help create a better future at the University of Milan.

Description of DSU Scholarship University of Milan:

The DSU Scholarship University of Milan is announced every year. This scholarship is provided through a program known as “Diritto Allo Studio Universitario” (DSU), the aim of this program is to provide financial support to students who want to enroll or are already enrolled in degree programs by the University of Milan, Italy. 

These students must meet the requirements for academic progress, income, and merit outlined in this application announcement. It’s important for students to understand that the DSU Scholarship University of Milan won’t be given out only on the basis of income and merit.

About University of Milan:

The Università degli Studi di Milano is a Italian name of University of Milan. Its higher educational institution of Italy and situated at Milan city of Italy. The University of Milan was established in 1924. This university is a nationally and internationally recognized institution for  academic degree programs. 

The University of Milan is one of the largest universities in Italy, hosting a diverse community of local and foreign students or scholars. The University of Milan is proud to offer its highest academic professional training in various fields and its academic excellence and research achievements are recognized worldwide.

The University of Milan offers various academic programmes, but here I mentioned some important fields and programmes. 

  • Humanities 
  • Arts 
  • Natural Sciences 
  • Social Sciences 
  • Engineering  
  • Medicine
  • And others

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Eligibility for DSU Scholarship University of Milan

No applications will be accepted from students enrolled in first-level master’s programmes, medical schools of specialisation, or doctoral students who are already receiving financial aid.

A general requirement for applicants:

  • Not hold financial aids or grants from other organisations for the program’s first year.
  • Not be enrolled in a part-time programme and, by the time the final ranking lists are published 
  • Be enrolled on a regular basis. Not be more than one year behind schedule in their academic programme.

Benefits of DSU Scholarship University of Milan

Depending on the income range verified by the university’s ISEE, the zone of residence in terms of the travel time to the university’s campus by public transport, and other factors, the scholarship’s value ranges from € 1.880 to € 5.139.

Others Benefits of  DSU Scholarship University of Milan

  • Provided complimentary housing options by University.
  • In the event of no availability, financial aid will be offered to assist with housing costs.
  • Free meals offered at University 
  • To cover additional costs such as sports activities, textbooks, etc. The financial support will be provided
  • Exemption from tuition fee charges of University.
  • 7200 Euros annual stipend will be provided

Degree Level:

Fully Funded DSU Scholarships 2023/24, University of Milan, Study in Italy. is available to undertake Bachelor, Masters, PhD level programs at University of Milan.

Available Subjects University of Milan:

The University of Milan has the following subjects available to study under the DSU scholarship program.

All Subjects are available for DSU Scholarship University of Milan.

Eligible Nationalities:

Both the domestic and international students are eligible for DSU Scholarship University of Milan

Application Procedure:

The online application portal must be used by all applicants. The Online Service Desk must be accessed by students between July 13 and September 30, 2023.

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DSU Scholarship University of Milan
DSU Scholarship University of Milan

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