Fully Funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24 In Saudia Arabia

Fully Funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24 In Saudia Arabia

Are you an aspiring student who wants to study in a top level university of the world? Look no further! King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia is offering the fully funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24, providing an incredible opportunity for international students worldwide. The main object of this scholarship is to support students who want to earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree at the university. If you’re seeking a top-quality education, this scholarship covers all expenses for the academic session of 2023-2024, making it an excellent choice.

King Abdulaziz University: A Gateway to Excellence

The King Abdulaziz University situated in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz University (KAU) provides a wide level of academic programs. Whether your passion lies in Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Information Technology, Business Administration, or Computer Engineering, KAU has something to offer you. As an ambitious scholar, you’ll have the chance  to complete both Master’s and PhD degrees in these disciplines. Notably, Times Higher Education ranks KAU as the leading university among Arab universities. Additionally, KAU has secured a position among the top 200 universities globally according to four major ranking tables. With its prestigious reputation and comprehensive scholarship coverage, King Abdulaziz University is an ideal destination for students looking to excel academically.

Scholarships for Bachelor, Master’s, and PhD Programs

The Fully Funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24 in Saudi Arabia is open to applicants at various academic levels, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. This scholarship covers tuition fees, ensuring that talented students from around the world have the opportunity to access quality education without financial constraints. The following subjects are available under this scholarship program: all subjects! Whatever your academic interest, you’ll find a program tailored to your needs at King Abdulaziz University.

Abundant Benefits of the Scholarship

Envision yourself as a recipient of the fully funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship. Alongside the opportunity for academic growth and excellence, this scholarship offers numerous benefits to support your journey:

  1. Full Free Scholarship: The scholarship covers all expenses, allowing you to focus on your studies and personal development.
  2. Monthly Bursary: Regular students receive a monthly bursary of SR 900, while research assistants on a one-semester contract receive SR 1000.
  3. Preparation Allowance: First-time arrivals are granted a preparation allowance of SR 1,800 to facilitate their smooth transition.
  4. Healthcare Coverage: Throughout the duration of the scholarship, recipients receive comprehensive health care coverage.
  5. Accommodation and Facilities: King Abdulaziz University ensures comfortable accommodation and provides essential facilities to ensure a conducive learning environment.
  6. Subsidized Meals: Scholarship recipients have access to subsidized meals, making their daily lives more affordable.
  7. Thesis Printing Allowance: Students pursuing Ph.D. and master’s programs receive an allowance of SR 4,000 and SR 3,000, respectively, to cover thesis printing expenses.
  8. Shipping Allowance: Upon graduation, students are eligible for an allowance of SR 2,700 to ship their books.
  9. Annual Airfare Ticket: The scholarship includes a two-way airfare ticket provided annually, allowing you to visit your home country.

Eligibility Criteria: Your Path to Success

The eligibility criteria of the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24 for international students are given below. Candidates must meet the following criteria to receive a scholarship at King Abdulaziz University.

Age Limit: Candidates should be under 35 years old for PhD programs, and the age limit is 30 and 25 years for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs, respectively.

Academic Achievement: Candidates must hold a degree from a public or private university or college and have achieved at least “A” grade.

English Language Proficiency: For Master’s and PhD degrees, candidates whose first language is not English during Bachelor’s and  Master’s degree programs need to take an approved English language proficiency certificate from the concerned university or college. The following scores are required for this scholarship. (Minimum): TOEFL (PBT) 500, TOEFL (CBT) 173, TOEFL (IBT) 61, IELTS 5.

Conduct and Health: Applicants must have a clean conduct record and be in good health.

Academic Standing: Applicants must meet the admission requirements for their chosen programs.

Applying for the Scholarship: Your Gateway to Success

To apply for the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24 in Saudi Arabia, follow these steps:

  • Visit the designated online application portal.
  • Submit your application through the online portal.
  • Ensure you provide accurate and complete information.
  • Review your application before submitting it.
  • Keep a copy of your application for reference.

Apply for the fully funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship now! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a scholarship at  King Abdulaziz University.

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The fully funded King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023-24 in Saudi Arabia opens doors to a world-class education for ambitious students worldwide. With comprehensive coverage and abundant benefits, this scholarship empowers students to focus on their academic pursuits and personal growth. King Abdulaziz University, known for its excellence and global recognition, provides a nurturing environment for aspiring scholars. Apply now and don’t wait for the last to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply for  the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship if my citizenship is not a Saudi Arabian?

If you are not a citizen of Saudi Arabia, still you can apply for the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship. This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities. You are encouraged to apply!

What documents do I need to submit for the scholarship application?

Please refer to the official application portal for a comprehensive list of required documents.

Is the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship available for all academic disciplines?

Yes, the scholarship covers all subjects offered by the university. You can pursue your desired field of study.

Can I apply for multiple degree levels under the scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for multiple degree levels under this scholarship, depending on your qualifications and aspirations.

What is the deadline for submitting the scholarship application?

Please check the official application portal for the deadline and ensure you submit your application on time.

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