Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project SFERP Jobs

Introduction to Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project SFERP Jobs

The Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project (SFERP) stands as a beacon of hope in the wake of natural disasters, specifically aimed at mitigating the aftermath of floods in the Sindh region of Pakistan. Within this noble endeavor lie opportunities for employment, contributing to the restoration and rebuilding efforts of affected communities.

Addressing Urgent Needs: SFERP jobs address the immediate needs of communities devastated by floods, offering employment opportunities to individuals eager to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected.

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation: These jobs play a crucial role in the reconstruction and rehabilitation process, spanning across various sectors including infrastructure, agriculture, housing, and community development.

Empowering Communities: By providing employment, SFERP empowers local communities, enabling them to actively participate in their own recovery process and fostering a sense of ownership and resilience.

Diverse Opportunities: SFERP offers a diverse range of job opportunities, catering to individuals with various skill sets and backgrounds, from engineers and construction workers to social workers and project managers.

Collaborative Efforts: SFERP jobs are a result of collaborative efforts between governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and international partners, symbolizing a collective commitment to rebuilding lives and communities.

In essence, SFERP jobs not only provide livelihoods but also serve as a symbol of solidarity and compassion towards those affected by natural calamities, embodying the spirit of resilience and recovery.

Recent SFERP Jobs for Women Only

In an effort to fortify emergency response services across Sindh Province, the Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Program (SFERP) has unveiled an array of employment opportunities. Supported by the International Development Association (IDA), this initiative seeks to extend the esteemed Rescue-1122 services to the district level. By broadening the reach and capacity of emergency services, SFERP aims to mitigate the impact of disasters and crises, thereby safeguarding the welfare of communities across the province. This article offers a comprehensive overview of the job announcement, shedding light on the available positions, eligibility criteria, and application process.

Total Vacant Positions:

SFERP presents a total of 180 vacant positions spread across various pivotal roles crucial for efficient emergency response. These positions are strategically allocated to address the diverse needs of different districts within Sindh Province. The available positions encompass:

Emergency Medical Technician (PPS-04): With 80 positions in total, this role necessitates candidates with paramedical diplomas, nursing qualifications, or relevant experience in emergency rescue organizations. The positions are distributed across Karachi, Hyderabad, and Sukkur.

Fire Rescuer/Fire Fighter (PPS-04): There are 50 positions available for candidates with intermediate qualifications or diplomas in Associate Engineering (DAE), with preference given to those with a background in pre-engineering. These positions are exclusively located in Karachi.

Driver / Bike Rider (PPS-01): With 50 positions up for grabs, candidates with middle-level education and valid LTV/Car/Motor Bike licenses are eligible to apply. These positions are open throughout Sindh Province.

Each position entails specific eligibility criteria tailored to meet the demands of the role, ensuring that selected candidates possess the requisite qualifications and experience to excel in their respective domains.



Aspiring candidates must heed the following instructions:

a) Physical and Mental Fitness: Given the demanding nature of emergency response work, candidates are expected to be physically and mentally fit. They should possess the necessary qualifications and physical attributes to navigate challenging emergency scenarios adeptly.

b) Professional Training: Selected candidates will undergo comprehensive 4-6 months of technical and physical training at the National Emergency Services Academy, Rescue 1122, Lahore. This training is indispensable to equip candidates with the skills and expertise required for emergency rescue operations.

c) Preference for Females: Female candidates are encouraged to apply and will be accorded preference during the selection process. Additionally, female candidates will receive a 25% additional allowance during training, underscoring the program’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity.

d) Physical and Medical Screening: Candidates must meet specific physical and medical standards, including requirements for running, height, and absence of certain medical conditions. These screenings are imperative to ensure that candidates are equipped to handle the rigors of emergency rescue operations.



Download Application Form: Candidates should visit the PTS website ( to procure the application form and deposit slip.

Pay Test Fee: The prescribed test fee should be remitted at any of the countrywide online branches of HBL and UBL.

Fill out Application Form: Candidates must meticulously fill out the application form, ensuring all sections are duly completed.

Submit Application: The filled application form, along with the paid copy of the deposit slip, should be dispatched to PTS Headquarters, Islamabad, before the stipulated deadline.

Important Notes: Candidates must ensure that their application forms are submitted punctually and encompass all requisite documents. Incomplete or improperly filled applications will not be entertained.

By adhering to these instructions diligently, candidates can heighten their prospects of being considered for the vacant positions under the SFERP project, thereby contributing to the enhancement of emergency response capabilities in Sindh Province.

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