1. GEM Fellowship: Elevate STEM diversity with a scholarship for underrepresented groups in graduate education.

2. Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship: Tee off your academic journey with full tuition and housing for golf-loving students.

3.Baer Reintegration Scholarship: Break stigma barriers with support for students overcoming mental health challenges.

4. Tall Clubs International Scholarship: Reach new heights in education with a scholarship tailored for the vertically gifted.

5. Loyola University Zolp Scholarship: Left-handed individuals named Zolp unlock exclusive educational funding at Loyola University.

6. National Potato Council Scholarship: Dig into spud love—this scholarship supports students connected to the potato industry.

7. Klingon Language Institute Scholarship: Star Trek fans, rejoice! This scholarship encourages the study of the Klingon language.